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2022 | Taiwan Art Biennial, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung
2022 | Theater in the Mountains Project – Awakening from a Dream of a Forest Walk (performance), Tomong Tribe, Hualien
2020| Awakening from a Dream of a Forest Walk: Hagay Dreaming (LKL First Draft), C-LAB Library, Taipei
2019-2020 | PHPAH ART FESTIVAL – Mtukuy: Be a Sower, Tomong Tribe, Hualien
2019 | Unfolding Acts: New Art from Taipei and Perth, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
2018 | Dispossessions: Performative Encounter(s) of Taiwanese Indigenous Contemporary Art, Goldsmiths, University of


2018 | Taipei Fine Art Award
2016 | 3rd Pulima Art Award – Merit Award
2014 | 2nd Pulima Art Award – First Prize
2012 | 1st Pulima Art Award – Jury Award

Artistic Concept

Name of artworks : BBRBAR-2.0

Media :  concept, packing straps, video

Year : 2018 installation/ 2023 concept


A migration over land and water, the charcoal of burnt wood, following a stream, pulsating with the mountains. Which group of people has drifted from the timelessness of nature to this extremely rapidly duplicating and changing space, like an illusory shadow? We only hear remnants of voices, small and shattered. We see no process of movement. It has the appearance of an island nearly covered over by the sea, the sounds muted. As a hill covered with ash, its lines are made manifest. The only thought is impressed into the pot, a symbol of a clan’s proliferation. Before fading out, a once beautiful pattern glimmers. Has it lost its color, or was there in fact never any color there? Which is in ruin, and which is perfectly complete?