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2023 | The Photography Exhibition of Indigenous Peoples Compound Vision | Vanishing and Frozen Portraits | Hualien Creative and Cultural Industries Park No..24 | Hualien, Taiwan

2023 | Humus | MoCA Taipei | Taipei, Taiwan 2023 | Lefting Off | FreeS Art Space | Taipei, Taiwan

2023 | What is Print | Who is Print | How to Print? | Eleven Art Gallery | Taoyuani, Taiwan

2022 | “Embanah” Siyat Moses Solo Exhibition | Seek Project | Taipei, Taiwan

2022 | Another Continent | Taitung Art Museum | Taitung, Taiwan


2022 | 2022 Austronesian International Arts Award | Selected

2022 | “Embanah” solo exhibition was nominated for the 20th Taishin Arts Awards

2020 | Recommended by the Ministry of Culture and Council of Indigenous Peoples of ART TAIPEI | 2020 Venuciar Indigenous Emerging Artists

2018 | 2018 Kauhsiung Award | Selected  

Artistic Concept

Name of Artworks : 〈Ririh: he beginning and the ending〉 〈Ririh:I can draw a circle〉

Media : mixed media

Year : 2023  

Mythology often serves as an eternal narrative or symbol of immutable human truth, usually situated within the realm of aesthetics. Artist Siyat Moses explores this in her works Ririh: Past and Present and Ririh: I Can Draw a Circle. Drawing inspiration from the Seediq tribe’s folklore of the “Sisin” bird (Grey-cheeked fulvetta), Siyat employs the figure of the bird traversing seven circles as the central motif of her artwork. Created through silk printing interwoven with textile and mixed media, these seven circles symbolize that though the Sisin bird has evolved over generations, its spiritual significance from tradition to modernity remains intertwined and relevant in the aesthetic and cultural existence of “us.”