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2021 | The Distance between Us and the Future – Taiwan Indigenous Contemporary Art, Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Culture
Park, Pingtung
2020 | Futurist Wave : Contemporary Art from Greater Sandimen, Pingtung Art Museum, Pingtung
2019 | Trap : 2019 Kaohsiung International Container Arts Festival, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art, Kaohsiung
2018 | Art Taipei, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei
2018 | Stir Up the Inner World, Solo Exhibition by Kulele Ruladen, Howard Salon, Taipei
2018 | Art Taipei, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei
2015 | Seeing Purity – Between the Mountains and the Seas, group exhibition, Howard Salon, Taipei
2013 | Sakahàn: International Indigenous Art, National Gallery of Canada, Canada
2012 | Beyond the Boundary: Contemporary Indigenous Art of Taiwan, Tjibaou Culture Center, New Caledonia
2012 | Eyes on the South-: Exhibition of Contemporary Art – Hot Thought Symptoms, Dadong Arts Center, Kaohsiung


Artistic Concept

Name of artworks : Forms of ancestral spirits

Media : Iron elements、dynamical machine、mixed media

Year : 2023


Kulele Ruladen takes the ancient energy of fire as his creative concept, converting this ancient energy into a modern electrical force that continues to drive the progress of the era, depicting how the wisdom and beliefs of our ancestors can manifest in a modern form through technology. Ancestral wisdom is an ancient form of energy, and it remains etched within us and within the vistas where we focus our gaze. Its spirit traverses the corridors of time and space, ceaselessly nurturing and protecting us. Kulele Ruladen uses this installation to explore the bridge of communication between humans and spirits. Even though we have undergone different evolutions and migrations through time, we believe that ancestral spirits are always present. Invoking the symbolism of the “eagle” as one such form, the artist invites these spirits to engage with this exhibition, allowing “us” to trace our shared origins.