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Taiwan International Austronesian Art Triennial

Operated by the Indigenous Peoples Cultural Development Center (“Center”), the Taiwan Indigenous Culture Park (“Park”) has held traditional artists’ craftsmanship and lifestyle exhibitions and promoted artist-in-residence programs since 1987. To date, the Center’s collection have amounted to at least 400 artworks and has held more than 100 exhibitions, making it one of the most important venues for promoting indigenous art in Taiwan.

Over the past decade, the Center has been focused on developing international exchange, including presenting a group exhibition of Taiwan indigenous contemporary artists in the 10th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT10) in Brisbane, Australia (2021-2022). To inspire Taiwan’s indigenous art scene, more experimental projects have been curated in the past five years. Major exhibitions include “The Discourse on the Slope: Contemporary Art from Greater Sandimen” (2019), and “Distances Between Us and the Future – An Exhibition of Taiwanese Indigenous Contemporary Art” (2021).

Based on 36 years of experience in supporting indigenous art and culture, the Center is thrilled to announce the 1st edition of “Taiwan International Austronesian Art Triennial” (TIAAT). Opening in October 2023, TIAAT aims to shape the Park into a hub of indigenous contemporary art that connects Taiwan with the vast world of
Austronesian groups.

The 1st Taiwan International Austronesian Art Triennial

Dates: 17 October 2023 – 18 February 2024
Opening: 28 October 2023
Venue: Taiwan Indigenous Culture Park (No 104, Fengjing, Majia, Pintung, Taiwan)
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 8:30-17:00 (Notice will be given when the Park needs to be closed.)

Advised by Ministry of Culture, Council of Indigenous Peoples
Organized by Indigenous Peoples Cultural Development Center
Website: https://tiaat.tacp.gov.tw/

Nakaw Putun, Etan Pavavalung

Participating Artists:
Chee Wai Loong (Malaysia), I Made Sukariawan (Indonesia), Lisa Reihana (New Zealand), Aluaiy kaumakan, Ali Istanda, Anguc Makaunamun, Chen Shu-yen, Ciwas Tahos, Dondon Hounwn, Iyo kacaw, Idas losin, Kulele Ruladen, Ljailjai Tult, Labay Eyong, Lafin Sawmah, Ljaljeqelan Patadalj, Milay Mavaliw, Rawus Tjuljaviya, Reretan Pavavaljung, Sya man Misrako, Siyat Moses, Sutipau Tjaruzaljum, Tuwak Tuyaw, Tanivu tapari, Yuma Taru