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I Made Sukariawan


2022 | Art by Lima – Exhibition of Pre-research Findings for the Austronesian Arts Triennial, 1n1 Original Space, Pintung
2021 | Reborn in Taiwan, Executive Yuan art gallery, Taipei
2021 | New citizen wood carving exhibition, National Taiwan craft research and development institute, Miaoli
2021 | Miracle, Made Sukariawan wood carving solo exhibition, San yi wood carving musium, Miaoli
2019 | Carving & Bali, Made Sukariawan wood carving solo exhibition, Keelung cultural center


2022 | Oh Water, Yilan Art Awards, 3D Crafts, Selected Award
2021 | Miracle series-Turn around, Huangsi Art Exhibition, 3D Crafts, Excellence Award
2020 | Swing the virus away, Tainan Fine Art Exhibition, 3D Craft, 2nd Place Award
2020 | Mother’s shoulder, Pintung Awards, Second Category, Excellence Award
2014 | Ganesha and Yoga, Taiwan International Wood Sculpture Competition Award 

Artistic Concept

Name of artworks : 〈Barong〉 〈Starting point〉 〈Elephant Series 8〉 〈Elephant Series 10〉 〈Elephant Series 11〉 〈Miracle series–Fearless〉 〈Oh water?〉

Media : wood

Year : 2021-2023  

(Indonesia) large-scale work Barong. The Barong is a mythical mask, a guardian of tribal villages, and a composite of various animals. Entering the exhibition space through the mouth of the Barong lion, visitors open what is known as the Contemporary Indonesian Balinese style “traditional door,” which symbolizes entering the artistic realm of the Pulima (artisan) family. Inside this bamboo-arched chamber that mimics the belly of an animal, I Made Sukariawan’s wooden Barong sculptural series—Elephant, Miracle, and Where is the Water?—allegorically speaks to how artisan families are caught between the functional and cultural values of tradition and modernity, as well as their historical circumstances. Nestled in one corner of the exhibit is a traditional Balinese pavilion from Indonesia, suggesting a peaceful resting stop on this journey of tracing origins.